About BKaye Insurance

Our Agents Deliver More

We at BKaye Insurance are dedicated to making sure you are properly insured for all of your property and casualty needs. That includes much more than just your home and auto. Do you have a boat or RV? How about a business? Rental property? We can help you with it all.

How We Work

We offer the best in insurance carriers for our clients all while maintaining a local presence. Don’t ever wait through a call center, automated answering service or through a long hold again. We answer our direct lines and can help you face-to-face in our two convenient locations.

We take the time to have a detailed conversation with each client and review their current insurance policies to ensure that you are not over or under insured. Then we will shop for the best rates we can find with our carriers. Lastly, unlike other agencies, we will review your policies every two years to make sure you are still getting the best pricing available.

Carriers We Work With:

We work with some of the top Massachusetts insurance carriers such as:

  • Travelers
  • Plymouth Rock
  • Safety
  • And more

We will make sure you are getting the most competitive rates we can offer. Contact us today for your free quote!

Meet Our Agents

  • Dave Santos Account specialist

    Dave has a number of years of both commercial and personal insurance experience under his belt and loves helping people find coverages that fit their needs as well as saving them money.  One conversation with him and you’ll see what we mean.

  • Brian Mateo
    Brian Mateo Account Specialist

    Brian has been helping people with their insurance needs for years.  Specializing in home, auto and small business.  He loves walking people through the complicated insurance process and helping them save money.

Speak to a Licensed BKaye Insurance Broker today to find out where we can deliver more.